2015 Softball Season

(Courtesy of Tom Wasiczko)

(Courtesy of Tom Wasiczko)

Week 1 – Practice (VIDEO)

Week 2 – Practice (VIDEO)

Week 3 – Practice (VIDEO)

Week 4 – Familiar Feelings and Anything But (VIDEO)

Week 5 – Playing the Game Like Prisoners Set Free (VIDEO)

Week 6 – Adjusting to the Cold like the Curve (VIDEO)

Week 7 – Turning Letdowns into Lessons (VIDEO)

Week 8 – Off Weekend (VIDEO)

Week 9 – A Revitalizing Delay on the Runway (VIDEO)

Week 10 – Out of the Darkness and Into the Light (VIDEO)

Week 11 – Being Knocked Off the Horse and Getting Back On (VIDEO)

Week 12 – (VIDEO)

Week 13 – Showing Up For Battle and Winning the Fight (VIDEO)

Week 14 – Surviving the Ups and Downs of a Crazy Game (VIDEO)

Week 15 – A Beautiful Day at Bahoshy (VIDEO)

Week 16 – The Ordinary Giving Way to the Extraordinary (VIDEO)

Week 17 – Championship Synergy (VIDEO)

Week 18 – A Fitting Ending (VIDEO)


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