2014 Softball Season

(Courtesy of Tom Wasiczko)

(Courtesy of Tom Wasiczko)

Week 1 – The Chapters In-Between

Week 2 – Airport Serendipity, Jeter Sadness & Why Not Us?

Week 3 – Seeing the Beauty of the Mountains and Valleys of the Journey

Week 4 – “Thinking Solution” and Rediscovering the Fire in My Belly

Week 5 – Seeing the Light and Emerging From the Tunnel

Week 6 – Seizing the Moment On and Off the Diamond

Week 7 – Perceiving People and “Such is Life” Moments in a Different Light

Week 8 – Rainy Days, High Spirits

Week 9 – With the Target on Your Back, Learn to Attack

Week 10 – The Comeback Kids with an Emerging “It” Factor 

Week 11 – A Bittersweet Softball Symphony

Week 12 – Accomplish Goals, Sharpen the Focus

Week 13 – Lifting the Anchor for the Final Leg of the Journey

Week 14 – Glorious Triumphs and Worthwhile Experiences

Week 15 – The Roller Coaster Ride of a Lifetime


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